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Magnetic Shieldings

In the manufacturing process of our RHEED Systems all our jigs and fixtures are designed to guarantee best performance concerning alignment and electron beam profile.

To shield external magnetic fields from disturbing the electron beam we mount a thick Mu-Metal shielding around the completed RHEED gun. This Mu-Metal shielding has seen a careful heat treatment before mounting.

From our long manufacturing experience of professional Cathode Ray Tubes for aircrafts we have all the know-how to optimize the shielding efficiency of Mu-Metal. After the mechanical part is formed, all holes and notches are at right position, the component is annealed following a specific temperature profile.

However in the moment when the electron beam exits the RHEED gun its typically unprotected against the magnetic fields arising from all the equipment around the chamber.

To avoid such kind of bothering effects to a minimum we offer custom designed Mu-Metal shieldings, which fit exactly to your individual chamber.

Send us your drawings, photographs and we will offer you a solution which fits best to your machine.