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Special Purpose Electron Guns

The electro-optical design and manufacturing of special purpose electron guns is one of the key competences at Dr. Gassler Electron Devices. We are in the unique situation that our engineers have experience in the design of countless variations of electron guns for a whole series of applications. From computer calculated design to industrialized manufacturing of the necessary components, subassemblies and to the final product, our highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians are used to “exotic” requirements and at the end are proud of their product. We love to work according our slogan:

Impossible things we do regular, miracles take a bit longer!

A huge internal catalogue of piece parts and components helps us to limit the  costs for new developments and reduces also the risks of completely new designs.
All our electron guns are built from high precision parts with very low tolerances and are assembled together in precise jigs and fixtures. According the individual specifications the finished electron guns are tested under stringent stress conditions, like vibration, shock or temperature cycling.