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Stock CRTs for Radar and Specialities

We always have some quantities of specific Cathode Ray Tubes available in our warehouse.

Please check whether your P/N is listed and send us your request for quotation. If you cannot find or identify your part, send us all available information like NSN, photos, specification and we will try to help.

Our portfolio of Cathode Ray Tubes is listed in the groups: CRTs for Radar, HMD, HUD, HDD and Industrial.

Radar HMD HUD HDD Industrial
F 15-110 GY Q 1-100 P56DA II TH 8501-1 P43 H348B M 18-E0212 P43 M 17-214 WB
F 31-190 LD TH 8523 P1 H390B F 7-112 GY M 22-101 GY M 17-214 WB/C
F 27-110 P25/P26 TH 8523 P1 H413 TH 8456-1 P53 H382B M 22-100 GY M 17-E 9307WB
F 31-160 LC TH 8523-2 P1 H419 TH 8456 P53 H300C TH 8500-1 P43 H367  
F 31-210 LC TH 8543-P53 H422 F-102 GJ M 22-102 GY  
F 31-170 LC Q 2-120WB F8-102 GJ TH 8408 BE H7  
3066S Q 2-120GJ F7-131 GY TH 8408 BE22 H7  
3073S Q 2-122 GJ F7-140 GY TH 8408 P1  
F 41-180 LC-P90 Q 2-130 GJ F7-150 KJ TH 8142 P43 H282  
F 42-E 9103 GR/LC Q 2-101 GJ TH 8135 P45 M80 TH 8143 P43 H375  
F 31-230 LC Q 2-E 9603 GJ TH 8450 P53    
TH 8429 P49 H31 Q 2-120 GY TH 8453 P53 H291    
TH 8475 P31 H439 Q 2-121GY TH 8458 P39 H296    
TH 8439 P38 H31 TH 8545 P56 H466 TH 8466 P53 H433    
TH 8410 P19 L4 TH 8529 P53 H404B TH 8510 P43 H381    
TH 8443 P31 H372 TH 8529 P53 H453 THX 5700 P1    
TH 8410 P39 TH 8529 P53 H477      
TH 8141 P1 H337B TH 8540 P53 H422      
OME 1361 E21L4 TH 8542 P53 H454A      
TH 8113 E31 H61 TH 8545 P56 H468      
TH 8439-P1 H48 TH 8546 P53 H460      
OME 1489 P26L4 Q2 E 8901 GJ      
THX 5603 P7 H347 Q2 E 9302 GJ      
TH 8116 E21 H148 Q2 E 9401 GJ      
TH 8116 P45 H149        
TH 8105 P7        
TH 8103 E20 H29        
OME 1185 P38B        
F 42-10GM        
OME 1269 P38        
OME 1318-1 P26 H169        
TH 8410 P38 L4        
TH 8410 E59        
TH 8413P38J1        
F 8038-1AP19