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Everybody knows, that the peak times of Cathode Ray Tubes for consumer applications are definitely gone, only in some niche areas CRTs are still the display of choice or are needed for recurring replacements. Especially avionic platforms like aircrafts and helicopter with long lifetimes of the systems require constant maintenance and a secured availability of spare parts.

Very high costs for new platforms or even upgrades of the pilot’s cockpit are slowing down the integration of flat panel solutions. CRTs for Head Down Displays may have vanished in most modern platforms already, CRTs for Head Up Displays are still the standard. Even new aircrafts are regularly equipped with CRTs in a state of the art display. The same is true for Helmet Mounted Displays. The vast majority of all Helmet Mount Displays manufactured today, rely on modern versions of miniaturized CRTs. With respect to the long life cycles of such systems it is obvious that at least spares will be needed for many years to come.

The origin of Dr. Gassler Electron Devices traces back to the old German company Telefunken, which built the first CRTs for integration into an aircraft 70 years ago. The successors of Telefunken: AEG, Thomson, Thales and Samtel added many different designs to the huge archive of specifications and manufacturing files of the today company Dr. Gassler Electron Devices.

At Dr. Gassler Electron Devices we believe in the unique technical possibilities of electron beams and we are using our core competences to develop and manufacture electron systems for various applications. Electron guns designed originally for CRTs are adapted to the specific needs of applications in the scientific world as well for  medical applications. These new applications, built on the same basic technology as CRTs, guarantee the support of CRTs also in the future. Even when total requirements for CRTs may be further reduced, our newly developed other applications allow us to continue the supply of classic professional CRTs also in the coming years.