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Before we started the development of our series of different RHEED-Systems, we went to the labs, discussed with users and technicians, learned in detail from their experience, tried to understand their individual requirements and finally set up a list of wishes and dreams.

We specified, what the users were dreaming of – and we made it real.

  • Superior beam quality without degradation
  • Long Life electron-source, no replacement of filament
  • Electrostatic focus – no magnetic focus coil adjustments
  • Sealed internal beam optimization and alignment
  • Fully computerized power supply and remote control

Today Dr. Gassler Electron Devices offers a full range of RHEED Systems, from 15kV, 30kV up to 50kV acceleration voltage. Based on our 60 - years of experience in the manufacturing of professional High-End Cathode Ray Tubes we have combined the accuracy and repeatability of an industrial manufacturing with the specific requirements of MBE users. Our key objective was always to deliver real practical benefits to the user, an instrument which serves the user without requiring intensive service by itself.

The heart of the new RHEED electron gun is formed by an electron-optical design which was developed for professional high resolution Cathode Ray Tubes. Internal magnetic dipole and quadrupole corrections of the electron beam guarantee best shape, Gaussian beam profile.

An indirectly heated Mixed-Metal-Type cathode developed for space applications delivers steady current for many years (tested 15 years continuous operation).

  • No change of filament with delicate adjustment necessary
  • Brightness control, modulation or blanking software controlled at low capacitance G1 aperture

Power Supply and Remote Control

All parameter easily adjustable with computerized Power Supply

  • All settings and parameter software programmable according specific User requirements
    - Brightness G1
    - Focus
    - Anode
    - X – Y – Deflection up to +/- 10°
    - Beam Rocking up to +/- 7°
    - Beam Blanking
  • Remote Control for all parameter with display
  • USB or TCP/IP connection for control via remote computer