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During our times as a major manufacturer of professional Cathode Ray tubes we have developed a whole series of different screening technologies for faceplates of CRTs. Every technology is well adapted to the specific requirements of the required brightness and resolution of the screen.

At Dr. Gassler Electron Devices we are using several different technologies to coat a substrate with phosphor:

  • Sedimentation, the phosphor grains are “glued” together with Potassium-Silicate. Screen thickness can be adjusted very easily from 10 -100 µm.
  • Serigraphic printing, the phosphor is printed through a few micrometer wide mesh onto the substrate. Particle size typically 2-8 µm, screen thickness from a few to 20 µm adjustable, Phosphor coatings with very high brightness and resolution
  • Brushing, the phosphor is pressed with a specific rotating foam into a thin layer of glue. Suitable for small screens from a few to 30 millimeter diameter, phosphor coatings with particle size 2-3 µm are very dense with high resolution

We always have a wide range of various phosphors with different particle sizes on stock. Coating can be done on all kinds of substrates; Glass, lead glass, aluminium, stainless steel ….
Electrical contact for glass substrats can be provided by a basic ITO layer or an additional aluminium layer on top of the phosphor coating. This aluminisation doubles almost the achievable brightness.
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